We want You and You and You- the 200

Ready Set Go

Thats right, be ready, Be Set and Go Go Go. I am Maxx Fairo one of the owners of MBD Marketing llc and one of the Founders of readyBuiltMarketing.com The site that makes marketing cooler. In our Search for the 200 marketers that want to build our Advertising and Marketing Network we have had the joy of meeting and working with some fantastic people.

The 200 People we are looking for, well now about 150 people, are out there in the big bad world of network marketing or The MLM world. You may be someone that has tried, tried and tried again. Skin so thick alligators laugh as you go by. Sure you are a hard worker and you love your family, dang it you even take a bath every sunday, needing it or not. EWW.

The Island of ……Toys

We are not misfits. We are fathers and mothers and daughters and sons. We have grandmothers and cousin and best friends that might as well be family just the same. We wake up early and go to be late. We dream of making money, not for fancy rich cars and tightly woven sheets, but paying the rent and making that braces payment. (three more years) This is who I want to stand aside of me. That mother that when there child is sick, or when your sister needs help and she didn’t ask. That person who says, this is going to hurt but I have to do it because its the right thing. Why do you do that just little bit extra, stay up extra late to learn how to do that little bit more on your blog. Maybe, just maybe I can, make that one more sale or bring in one more prospect to talk to. It is You I want, thats right you.


I can Make you Do Nothing, But I can Ask just the Same

Please understand that, what I propose is not for the faint of heart and may take some time to build and prosper at least a couple of weeks of listening to me talk and help you with design and process. You just might, when you hear my voice, grit your teeth enough that the shot in the arm will only hurt a little. But you will still take it and move on.

I am asking for you to Join us because I, Maxx Fairo, need you. Thats right, it sounds unusual for me to ask you to join the 200, don’t get me wrong I am not begging. I am merely asking  you, the hard working ready to go- very positive but very tough, work from home person that wants more from all of this to join me.

Thats right I want you to join me, the cancer surviving, 12 year navy disabled vet, one eyed programming marketing and advertising executive whose motto is …

“Never Give Up and Never Give in, Just Give it your All”


What Do you Get?

Me and Mine helping You and yours to achieve what you want. Financial breathing room.Thats it, anything else pales in comparison.

You will have enough time for all the rest of the hype in what we can offer. You can see some of it here at http://readybuiltmarketing.com and then click on get started. Fill in the form and I will call you. Yep me the owner of the company at least one of them. But most likely me.

I am Maxx and You are?……..


Maxx Fairo

MBD Marketing Group LLC



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