My Name is MAXX!!

Yes as the site states, I am Maxx Fairo. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa and later began my journey at a very young age to find my true calling…joining the United States Navy and Traveling the World.

Many years later, I found myself wanting something more, more than the Military could provide. I traveled and hunted for obscure places around the world and ended up in Australia working cattle stations and falling in love with the Land.

After Returning to the States that search for something still had not been fulfilled. Working all types of Jobs and Careers, I began to school myself. My grandfather always said:

” Diversity is the Key that Opens Many Doors 

So I went to School. First, I received my Bachelors in Applied Sciences for Graphic Design and Advertising…then of course, I accompanied it 12 years later with a Masters in Chemical Management.

Yeah, those two work well together…see what I mean…Diverse. Add those to a Journey Pipe Fitter Certifications and various Building Licenses and you would think a Master Builder was Born….

Nope, I went into radio ….

Marketing and Advertising has been my love and of course, helping people is my Passion.

I love to teach and speak to people on all types of Subjects. My life experiences have taught me one important Lesson: LEARN!

That is Right! You Must Learn everything you need for you to be Successful.

You must learn how to Fail,

Learn how to Find,

Learn how to Create,

Learn how to Dismantle,

Learn how Love and most of all,

Learn How to Love what you Do.

So on the top of the page are some links. Explore My Site and you will get to Know Me and what I do… If not, thanks for sharing your time with me and I look forward to seeing you around.